8 Video Lectures

31 Total Lessons

Over 3.5 Hours of Information



Lecture #1 - Introduction & Finding Leads

Lesson 1.1: The Story of Ben Bacal - "How I Became a Real Estate Agent!"

Lesson 1.2: How to Find Leads

Lesson 1.3: How to Initiate Conversation with Potential Clients

Lesson 1.4: Techniques that will Boost Your Sales

Lecture #2 - Traditional Hustle Strategies

Lesson 2.1: Master the Art of Door Knocking

Lesson 2.2: Master the Art of Networking

Lesson 2.3: Master the Art of Cold Calling

Lesson 2.4: 3 Effective Door Knocking Alternatives

Lecture #3 - Building Relationships

Lesson 3.1: How to Provide Value

Lesson 3.2: How to Get Listings

Lesson 3.3: How to Win the Listing

Lesson 3.4: How to Understand & Manage Expectations

Lesson 3.5: Leveraging Top Producers: How to Generate Business through Relationships with Other Agents

Lecture #4 - Business Organization

Lesson 4.1: How to Effectively Manage Time

Lesson 4.2: How to Leverage Your Time

Lesson 4.3: Inventory is Everything

Lesson 4.4: Protect Your Seller: Pre-Qualify Your Buyers

Lesson 4.5: Drip Campaigns, Follow-Ups & Social Media

Lecture #5 - Digital Marketing Strategy

Lesson 5.1: The Importance of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Lesson 5.2: The Power of Video

Lesson 5.3: Content & The Value of a Great Website

Lesson 5.4: The Money Pitch: How Digital Marketing Wins the Client

Lecture #6 - The Art of Negotiation

Lesson 6.1: Negotiating & Building Hype

Lesson 6.2: Negotiation Tactics: Representing the Buyer vs. Representing the Seller

Lecture #7 - The Luxury Market

Lesson 7.1: The Landscape of the Luxury Real Estate Market

Lesson 7.2: Connecting Wealthy Buyers with Off-Market Properties

Lesson 7.3: Working with a Luxury Seller

Lesson 7.4: Understanding the Mind Set of the Luxury Client


Lecture #8 - Market Analysis & Pro Forma

*Premium lecture - purchased separately*

Lesson 8.1: Comparative Market Analysis 101

Lesson 8.2: Pro Forma Analysis 101

Lesson 8.3: Pro Forma Analysis: The Big $20 Million Luxury Land Sale

Course Material Included:

- Market-Property Analysis (excel)

- Pro Forma (excel)

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